Millenia Magazine Article

Youtube has brought so much to us over the years. A multitude of artist and performers have risen to fame by uploading videos of them singing someone’s latest hits on their bathroom floor. This phenomenon has brought to us many admired talents from Adele to Justin Bieber (don’t hate, the biebs goes alright).

Here on the shores of Australia youtube has brought us our own brand new star. Someone whose stylistic vocals are worthy of singing great hits and making you forget who originally sang them. Lakyn Heperi is responsible for many #thatawkwardmomentwhenthecoverisbetterthantheoriginal moments. He has risen to fame thanks to reality TV show The Voice and we have surely not seen the last of him now the show is over.

Mr. Heperi is in the midst of recording his very own EP and is touring with The Voice winner Karise Eden across the country. However exciting these advances in his career may be, it is his Youtube videos that will really hook you in. So do yourself a favour and find out what all the hype is. If you don’t fall in love with his original arrangements, mad guitar skills and sultry voice then there is always his face – which lets face it, is just the icing on top of an already ridiculously delicious cake.


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