Millenia Magazine Article

Millenia Magazine Article

Brisbane based coffee shop Brothers’ Espresso is many things.

For one, it is very aptly named.

If I had a brother who just happened to be a coffee shop then it would probably be a lot like Brothers’ Espresso. I would put it down to its relaxed atmosphere – that is bad-ass but in a comforting way, the simplicity of its menu, and the cool clique the staff make you feel  apart of upon entering.

Yup, everything I imagined a brother would be like.

If having a brother in the form of a coffee shop isn’t usually in the criteria for assessing places to eat (which wouldn’t make you the weird one at all) then the Brothers’ coffee is another good reason to try them out. Using their own Brothers’ roast the coffee is just the right amount of bitter, and strong enough to keep you jittery all day.

Their mocha-frappes have to be the best in Brisbane and this reporter is willing to put her reputation on the line to back that statement.

Also, the menu is diverse, using a range of high-end fancy produce that comes in the unpretentious form of a sandwich or pizza. To top it all off, the cafe itself is so atmospheric that you can’t help but feel like this is where all the cool people in town get their cool-aid. But hey, don’t just take my word on it join the clique:

Brother Espresso Watson’s Building ~
127 Margaret Street Brisbane City Queensland 4000


Brother Espresso Wickham House ~
Find: 155 Wickham Terrace Brisbane City Queensland 4000


Brother Espresso Bulimba ~
Find: 358 Riding Road Bulimba Queensland 4171

~ Brother Espresso Windsor ~
Find: 110 Maygar Street Windsor Queensland 4030


Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters ~
Find: 23 Warry Street Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006


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