Heavens of Versailles


Photos and words by: Isabelle Cameron

Oh mon dieu
Oh mon dieu

Is there anything else to say when visiting the French palace of Versailles? When in Paris there was no doubt in my mind that a trip to Versailles was mandatory and boy, did the little history nerd in me rejoice. A short train trip, a scenic walk and there it was in all its glistening glory. Thankfully we were visiting during winter so there was close to no line (I had heard that the lines could take hours in the summer time).Once inside I joined my fellow wide-eyed and gasping tourists. I took photos madly, wanting to preserve the beauty in front of me for my own viewing pleasures at home and was often told off for holding up the group (sorry but not sorry). Having visited Buckingham Palace a few months previous (no photos were allowed…boo) it was plainly obvious that the French royal family were all about taking luxury and decadence to the next level.

Aspects about Versailles have been written about to death and I arrived with a world of expectations in regards to the art and the garden. However, what really struck me was the heavens. Each ceiling was more intricate than the last, and I found myself staring towards the skies upon entering every room. With floating masterpieces in every room, dripping in wealth, can you really blame the French royal family for losing their heads (literally)? Needless to say, I left feeling truly indulged, albeit with a slight crink in my neck.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be visiting Versailles, try for a change of perspective, look up – and behold.

Versailles flights of fancy:

–       Take your time. There are very few situations where it is okay to prance around pretending you are royalty – this is one of those times.

–       Pack a picnic for the gardens! It’s cliché I know, but that doesn’t make it any less dreamy!

–       Walk all the way to the farms. Sure you may see goats, cows and chickens all the time but these ones are different… these are royal french goats, cows and chickens.

–       Lastly, as a requirement by law for all visitors to France you must start your day with a croissant and end it with a crème brulee.  Ooh la la to be French!



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