Putin Comes In Like A Wrecking Ball

Words by Isabelle Cameron

IN an effort to threaten Russia with diplomatic isolation, the United States and the European Union have placed sanctions on a number of Russian power players. However, in a case of falling dominos the unlikely victim of the sanctions is none other than the reigning queen of twerk, Miley Cyrus.

US and European sanctions have not done much to spoil Putin’s annexation of Crimea, but may very well ruin Miley Cyrus’ twerking schedule in Helsinki, Finland as the stadium where she is scheduled to perform is owned by Russians who are chummy with Putin.

Also caught up in the political friendly-fire are other US artists such as Justin Timberlake and Nine Inch Nails who are scheduled to perform in the same stadium.

The sanction takes another bite as America’s leading fast-food chain McDonalds has recently announced that they will be closing their stores in Crimea.

Russia’s response to the sanction is to advice the US that “tantrums, weeping and hysteria won’t help,” advising them to “practice yoga, stick to food-combining diets, maybe watch some comedy sketch shows on TV.”

Them are fighting words.

The playground-like struggle continues and there are rising fears that the failure of these sanctions to intimidate could pose a greater flow-on effect for similar territorial disputes across the globe.

Hopefully, the next round of fall out from the sanctions will see Putin missing out on a bit more than twerking and cheeseburgers.

Putin can’t stop and he won’t stop.


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