Tony Abbott Gives North Korea The Stink Eye

Image: Sydney Morning Herald

Words by Isabelle Cameron

PM Tony Abbott showed North Korean soldiers what’s what with a steely gaze during his visit to the demilitarised zone that borders North and South Korea.

Guarded by his own Australian Federal Police security, as well as South Korean and US troops, Abbott came face to face with North Korean soldiers before giving them the almighty stinker.

The North Korean soldiers responded by whipping out their cameras and taking some happy snaps, but never mind – you showed them Ton!

The visit came amidst increasing tension between the neighbouring countries as South Korean military reported to have found an unknown and mysterious  ‘drone’ believed to be from North Korea. As well as this, there are reports that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un executed one of his top officials using a flamethrower.

Oh. Dear.

“This is probably the tensest border on earth. On the South Korean side we have freedom, we have justice, we have democracy,” said Abbott.

“On the North Korean side, we have an outlaw state which is a threat to world peace and a deadly danger to people of South Korea.”

Abbott continued, “it’s important to thank those who continue to guard our freedom: the United States forces and the Republic of Korea forces who continue to defend this border.”

Emphasising his desire to tie the BFF-knot in a free-trade trifecta with South Korea, Japan, and China, Abbott has agreed to discuss shared military technology with Japan in order to better supply defences for South Korea.

Next stop for the PM is China!


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