About me

Dearest reader,

I welcome you to my humble and young portfolio. In it you will find a range of samples of my work as I journey up and down the ladder of what will hopefully amount to a career in the world of Journalism and/or Communications.

A solemn belief that my mother has is that you should only spend your life doing what you love. So when it came to choosing a career path the question was put to me: “What do you love to do Isabelle?” she asked. I mumbled a few answers, convincing neither her or myself, and settled on a final answer: “I love to tell stories.” Since that answer I have gone down the rabbit hole of university, learning and gaining inspiration from those around me. I have learnt that there are many ways to tell a story and I have learnt which ways are my favourites. I have learnt, and come to love, the platforms in which to tell the story and am awed by the consequential prowess of the big-bad-media. Also, as a member of generation-y I delight in the new, fast and interactive aspect the internet has brought to ‘story-telling’ and pride myself on my social media skills.

I am a lover of all things fashion, travel, food, literature and pop culture.

I acknowledge that I still have much to learn and a long way to go. The idea of endless possibilities can only be exciting and I look forward to learning more. Any comments or feedback you may have will be greeted with the only way in which a mind should be and that is open.

Wishing you endless wonder.

Yours sincerely,

Isabelle Cameron

Photograph (5)


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